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Finest filaments lead to a large surface.According to this principle InnovaWipe has been well established for years in the automotive and electrical industry, in hygiene as well as in the food industry and is constantly further developed to meet the needs and desires of the customers. With a hydrophilic or hydrophobic finish it is able to absorb a multiple of its own weight of liquids or oils. The tough, solvent-resistant and abrasion-resistant surface is perfectly suitable for cleaning, wiping and drying of smooth materials. InnovaWipe is available with different embossing, different square weights and different colours.


The robust, solvent and abrasion-resistant surface of our wipes make them ideally suited for use with water and solvents for the cleaning, wiping and drying of smooth surfaces. Our wipes also exhibit outstanding absorption and water uptake.

Abrasive Wipe

The rougher surface differentiates the abrasive wipe from our standard wipe. This special surface further improves efficiency when cleaning away stubborn dirt.

Technical details

Raw material PP-MB
Grammage 20 - 100 g/m²
Water absorbtion 450 - 1250 %

Technical details

Grammage 30 - 70 g/m²
Water absorption 600 - 800 %