When it comes to air, liquid and particle filtration, InnovaFiltec represents purity and efficiency. HVAC, protective masks and hoover bags are only a few of the possible applications. The unique filter media are extremely durable and achieve highest efficiency levels while providing high air permeability. According to customer requests Innovatec  manufactures  filter media as single-layers or multi-layer composites. Furthermore, different finishes such as for example anti-odour or anti- microbial are possible options. Filter tests, particularly for fine filters, filters for suspended matters and cabin filters can be done directly on site. 

Respiratory Protection

Ultra-fine fibre structures with a low basis weight and high filtration efficiency (BFE > 99%) combine reliable protection with high wear comfort. Available as a pure meltblown ply, SM or SMS.


Meltblown filtration media for water filtration feature a wide range of properties which are modified as appropriate for the application. Our material is available calandered and uncalandered depending on the requirements with respect to flow rate, pore size and separation efficiency. Also available are laminates with carrier materials so that various properties of different materials can be combined.


Innovatec produces high-grade filter media for fuel filters - either as a single ply for use in combination with other filter media such as paper, or as a laminate with other synthetic carrier nonwovens.

Technical details

Raw material PP-MB
Grammage 10 -100 g/m²
Air permeability 200 - 4000 l/m²/s
Porosity 10 - 40 µm

Technical details

Grammage 20 -200 g/m²
Air permeability 10 - 2000 l/m²/s
Porosity 5 - 30 µm

Technical details

Raw material PBT-MB
Grammage 15 -100 g/m²
Air permeability 100 - 5000 l/m²/s


In the food industry, synthetic filtration media are not only used to make coffee and tea; they are also used in the dairy industry, for example.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Working in close collaboration with renowned filter bag manufacturers, we have developed a wide variety of fully synthetic filter media for vacuum cleaner bags. Available as a pure meltblown nonwoven, SM or SMS. Our filter media can also be finished to be odour-absorbing and anti-microbial as requested by the customer.

Cabin Filters

Our media for cabin filters with high dust storage potential and that reduce the amount of allergenic or respirable particles in vehicles are available in a variety of filter classes (M5 – F9, plus HEPA classes) to fulfil a range of customer requirements. Less smoke, dust, pollen and bacteria can enter the vehicle via the ventilation system.

Technische Details

Raw material PP-MB
Grammage 10 - 100 g/m²
Air permeability 250 - 3000 l/m²/s
Porosity 10 - 40 µm

Technical details

Grammage 20 - 150 g/m²
Air permeability 100 - 600 l/m²/s
Porosity 10 - 30 µm

Technical Details

Raw material PP-MB
Grammage 20 -100 g/m²
Air permeability 200 - 600 l/m²/s
Porosity 10 - 30 µm