Hygiene and safety according to highest quality standards – the elastic InnovaMed products are used in different medical areas and serve for example as a basis for reliable and lasting wound covering. Due to its outstanding elastic recovery and elongation properties it perfectly clings to every surface. Special filter media for medical face masks provide a high efficiency at a low square weight and high air permeability. They combine safe protection and high wearing comfort. Breathable materials for disposable clothing which are equipped alcophobic/oleophobic at the same time provide reliable protection.

Respiratory Protection

Ultra-fine fibre structures with a low basis weight and high filtration efficiency (BFE > 99%) combine reliable protection with high wear comfort. Available as a pure meltblown ply, SM or SMS.

Protective Suits

Breathable, hydrophobic and alcophobic SMS nonwovens for disposable OR clothing with great wear comfort.

Elastic Nonwovens

Whether in medicine or hygiene, clothing or the automotive industry - plastics are increasingly being replaced by elastic nonwovens. These must be both highly permeable to air and also exhibit outstanding elongation properties. Our nonwovens fulfil these requirements with flying colours and feature maximum elastic recovery with respect to elongation. Our elastic nonwovens are also characterized by high water vapour permability.

Technical details

Raw material PP-MB
Grammage 10 - 100 g/m²
Air permeability 200 - 400 l/m²/s
Porosity 12 - 40 µm

Technical details

Raw material PP-SMS
Grammage 40 - 100 g/m²
Air permeability 250 - 600 l/m²/s
Porosity 10 - 30 µm

Technical details

Grammage 40 - 700 g/m²
Dehnung längs 100 - 400 %