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Absorbing, retaining and insulation are the main characteristics of InnovaSorb. Due to its enormous absorbing capacity it is used to absorb liquids, chemicals and oils in a wide array of applications, ranging from environmental protection up to the food industry. When it comes to acoustic insulation InnovaSorb has its place in the automotive  and appliance industry.

Moreover, it also serves as reliable insulation material against heat or cold and, thus, is used for façade protection , for thermal insulation of rooms and walls as well as in the clothing industry. Depending on the field of application the materials can be finished with a flame retardant additive.


Whether as noise insulation in automotive applications or to improve room acoustics in buildings - Innovatec offers a broad range of absorption products that can be modified according to the customer's wishes. Our acoustic mats are also used in technical acoustics, such as in electrical appliances for noise reduction and sound insulation. Depending on the application, we also offer flame-retardant materials.


In the food industry, synthetic filtration media are not only used to make coffee and tea; they are also used in the dairy industry, for example.

Oil Absorbers

Innovatec oil absorbers ensure effective and reliable uptake of oils and oil-bearing liquids. In workshops, at construction sites or at accident sites, for example.

Technical details

Raw material PP-MB
Grammage 200 - 500 g/m²
Air permeability 80 - 250 l/m²/s
Thickness 5 - 10 mm

Technische Details

Grammage 30 - 100 g/m²
Water admission 400 - 1500 %
Thickness 0,25 - 1,00 mm

Technical details

Grammage 100 - 1000 g/m²
Oil absorption 500 - 1800 %
Thickness 2 - 10 mm

Extremely fine fibres in combination with high volume "store" the air. This is what gives puffed materials produced with the melt blown process their extremely high thermal insulation performance.


Technical details

Grammage 200 - 500 g/m²
Air permeability 80 - 250 l/m²/s
Thickness 5 - 10 mm