Battery Separators

Battery separators separate the positve from the negative electrodes in a battery. Our separators made of melt blown are characterized by a homogoenous fibre structure, uniform pore size and chemical stability. The exact material properties are custom matched to your battery.

Roof Underlayments

Our roof underlayments stem from innovations made by Innovatec owner Hans Klöber, who for many decades made a good name for himself in the premium segment of the roof construction industry with his former company, Klöber. What makes the patent-pending underlayments so special is the integration of a meltblown layer with different finishes depending on the area of application, enabling the underlayments to be custom-tailored to a variety of applications. In particular, the meltblown layer can be used to adjust water vapour permeability, water retention and dirt and dust filtration. Additionaly, the film can be replaced by a meltblown layer in certain applications. The underlayments are available commercially under the brand name JKE, Johannes Klöber Ennepetal. These brand name products are distributed exclusively via our partner ALUJET.


Technical details

Grammage 20 - 100 g/m²

Technical details

Grammage 90 - 180 g/m²

Technische Details

Grammatur 60 - 100 g/m²
LD 250 - 600 l/m²/s
Porosität 10 - 30 µm